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Professional team

In today's increasing competition and market development, SSDT vigorously develops and cultivates a high-quality team to support the sustainable development of the enterprise. We focus on the most advanced technology research and pursue excellent product and service delivery. From theoretical system construction to craftsman's execution culture, from strategic thinking training to precise execution response, SSDT has explored a set of efficient management framework for enterprise talent development. SSDTer always believe that the cultivation of talent team is the foundation of enterprise survival, also a long-term commitment to serve customers. (Right picture: employee of SSDT won the title of "National Model Worker")

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Equipment & Production line resources

SSDT configures and develops a number of highly specialized and flexible manufacturing equipment and production lines, including high-speed stamping production line, hot forming production line, flexible welding production line, dies and checking fixtures & jigs with high load output. At present, we are still expanding to meet the high-quality and high-yield business supporting needs of more customers.

SSDT has a number of large high-speed cold stamping production lines distributed in various bases, and is committed to the production of auto body in white, providing real-time order pulling for vehicle enterprises.

SSDT has independently developed a world leading hot stamping production line to provide customers with different types of products such as high-strength steel structural parts and aluminum structural parts.

SSDT has a complex welding assembly line in each production base, which is used for manufacturing and matching of large outer panels, structural parts, floor assembly and other parts.

The die division and equipment division of SSDT are dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of process equipment such as dies and fixtures for all kinds of high-end customers. At the same time, we have independently developed all kinds of complex die checking fixture and jig equipment and production lines to meet the OEM supporting needs of enterprise customers.

In order to meet the needs of the New Energy market, SSDT has independently designed and developed parts manufacturing lines for new energy vehicles, such as battery tray, bipolar plate, etc.

In order to meet the increasing market demand of New Energy products, SSDT has specially set up E-Coating production line to provide customers with one-stop manufacturing to meet customers' unified quality control and traceability requirements.


Global supply chain

Collaboration and progress with suppliers are SSDT's unremitting pursuit. SSDT continuously optimizes the global supply chain structure, allocates high-quality resources efficiently, forms a global supplier network covering more than 1000 suppliers, and provides customers with high-quality and efficient services.


Software resoruces

Based on the vision of the enterprise and the deployment of the New Four Modernizations Strategy, SSDT continues to develop the popularization and application of digitalization, and uses its own knowledge accumulation in the industry to independently develop software applications to help us achieve seamless docking and agile delivery with customers, so as to achieve the goal of efficient collaboration.

Some of the Softwares


Global layout

At SSDT, we always regard market globalization as an important development strategy to build high-quality customer groups and international operation capabilities. Our product types require us to master the ability to accurately serve customers, keep up with the pace of global expansion of automobile manufacturers and them, and provide them with business supporting services in different countries.

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