SSDT Innovation

We make use of our professional knowledge and technology accumulated in the industry to continuously research new materials, new processes and new intelligent manufacturing methods, so as to satisfy customers' judgment and exploration of the future market.

Forward-looking technology innovation

Lean management innovation

Intelligent manufacturing innovation

Customer cooperation innovation

Forward-looking technology innovation

We use our research, knowledge accumulation and application of security, lightweight, intelligent and other forward-looking technologies to meet the changing market and partners' upgrading demand for product innovation

Car body safety

Research on new materials, new technology and new design to improve the strength of parts


Including carbon fiber composite materials, aluminum and high strength steel materials in the application of body parts

Smart factory

Research on intelligent manufacturing line technology, improve the integration of manufacturing related knowledge

Lean management innovation

Our innovation in quality, cost and process management can ensure the accurate delivery to customers to the maximum extent

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years management innovation

Continuous innovation accumulation

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customer satisfaction

Quality / cost advantage

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System certification

Standardize process management

SAIC Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmarking Pilot Unit

Intelligent manufacturing innovation

Intelligent R&D

Application and component development of world class design engineering software

Digital factory

Automatic flexible production line, online detection, full digital process monitoring management

Intelligent supply chain

Upstream and downstream data interconnection, JIT pulling production, integrated planning management

Agile management

Flat organization and team management, agile development and project delivery management


Enterprise IoT equipment cloud, online monitoring, work reporting, predictive maintenance, etc

Tracking & Tracing

Manufacturing process accurate traceability, one thing one code and traceability data service


Customer cooperation innovation

Our accumulation of technical knowledge and business matching can provide strong support for our customers' new product innovation and project development. Each customer's demand is unique. We look forward to each proposed high standard demand and guarantee the completion of delivery on time. Our joint development technology and agile response mechanism are our long-term accumulated experience and the witness of growing with each customer.

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