Global Benchmark Of Quality
Strategic Partnerships

Focus on material forming and synthesis technology, provide innovative integrated solutions, and become a modern service-oriented intelligent manufacturing enterprise with international competitiveness.

New Energy
Parts & Assembly
Production Line Integration

SSDT Technology

We focus on materials, synthesis and joining technology to provide customers with one-stop solutions

SSDT Business

To provide process tooling and intelligent manufacturing complete products for global high-end automobile manufacturers

OEM Products

Stamping Parts

BIW Outer Panel Cold Stamping Parts

Hot Forming Parts

Design analysis, simulation and machining of high strength hot forming materials

Welding Assembly

Spot welding, projection welding, stud welding, laser welding and gluing

New Energy Products

Research, design and processing of New Energy products

Aluminum Parts

Research and manufacture of complex welding process for aluminum body structure parts

Dies & Tooling

BIW Panel Dies

Development, design, manufacturing and try out of dies and checking fixtures for BIW Panel parts

Hot Forming Dies

Development, design, manufacturing and trz out of the world's leading machining equipment and hot forming dies

Checking Fixtures & Jigs

SE, design, manufacture and delivery of welding line, checking fixtures and work station apparatus

Production line integration

Independent manufacturing, installation, commissioning and other one-stop integrated services for flexible intelligent production line

Cooperation Partners

We maintain long-term friendly partnership with our existing customers

Management System

Through the quality, environment, occupational health and safety management, information security management system certification, as well as national laboratory certification, to ensure the company's operation and customer delivery quality.

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